Studio Location

We are located right in the heart of Newport News in the community of Port Warwick. We are a 3-story live-above so if you would like to avoid stairs or have animals that are being photographed, please come to the back door which is directly on the first floor with an entrance in the back. The studio is located on the first floor. You can park in the back driveway or back along the trees. 

Address: 115 Herman Melville Ave. Newport News, VA. 23606


The main part of the studio is set up for different background options including a gel light with over 50 colors allowing your shots to be matched perfectly to your actual company logo. 

The studio has white washed floors which also is an option to be used in your shots for a home style feel. 


Our bed is setup perfectly for those special boudoir shots you have been wanting or to capture a special moment in time with your family! 


The hair & makeup room is located on the second floor and gives the perfect ambiance for getting ready. Our stylist will transform you into the beautiful woman you know you can be or just use it to get ready for your big day in the studio! 

For those of you who are being transformed into a 50's pinup or a glamorous model, this is where you will find a wardrobe to fit your personality. We have dresses & bathing suits from size 0-18. 

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