Senior Session-what to bring

Bringing the right items for your shoot is just as important as having hair and makeup done! Here is a check off list for you!




A maximum of three complete outfits for a one hour senior session which includes your cap & gown.
Review our gallery of previous shoots to see what color clothing you would like to have. 
Include all shoes for outfits like heels and boots.

Hair & Makeup:

Girls: If you have hired the hair and makeup artist make sure to bring your own foundation, and powder, all other items will be supplied. The artist takes approximately 45 to an hour. Come with a clean face, you make arrive in your foundation and powder but you should not have on any other makeup if artist has to remove makeup, there will be an additional charge.
If you are doing your own hair and makeup make sure to bring supplies with you to touch up during the shoot.
Please bring your favorite lip stick and/or gloss.Whether you wear lip stick or not, make sure to bring lip gloss or lip stick to the shoot.

Guys: Bring your hair brush and any special hair products you might need. Please also bring chapstick, lips tend to dry out and we don't want your lips to look chapped or cracked in the images.


Jewelry Accessories We will have some jewelry on property but feel free to bring your favorites.
Basic Accessories Don't forget about those basic items like scarves, hats, cowboy boots

Props to bring:

Props can really help you during the shoot, not only do they give you something to play with to add some fun but they can also distract your confused hands from getting lost on what to do with a pose.

Prop ideas are things like: Sporting equipment like footballs and baseball bats, music instruments like guitars and microphones, umbrellas, flags, band uniforms, confetti matching your school colors, etc.

Preparing for your shoot:

Need ideas? Go to our senior photography section for ideas
Check out Pinterest for great ideas, just search "senior photo ideas"
Ask yourself... what is your personality? How do you want to capture your personality? What do you want the photographer to focus on?

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