We all know those women who inspire, persevere, serve and encourage us – not only with their stories of survival and heroism but their abilities to heal, overcome, protect and support others! Many of these amazing women “hide in plain sight” every day. They may not realize how much they inspire those around them or how important they are. That is why we will be celebrating and “CROWNING” 4 women who have been nominated and selected as those women who are exemplary examples of QUEENS!

Mrs. Universe 2018 will be here in the studio on July 14th and crowning our 4 amazing Hampton Road's women with a Makeover and a Glamour Photoshoot fit for a queen! Want to donate and make the event even more special, you can at our Donate account! All proceeds generated will go directly to the winners in the way of gift cards, jewelry and a special dinner! 

 "As a little girl I was encouraged to read, and of course, given fairy tales to inspire my creative. It didn't take me long to realize they all had one common theme...the hero was typically a white knight in a cape and the victim was sure to be female. Over the course of my life, I have been blessed to experience real life heroes. My first experience was at CHKD where my newborn faced multiple heart surgeries for survival. It was my first child and I wasn't even 20 so you can only imagine the fear. To help me a long the way and caring for my son like he was her own, was a nurse named Robin. She swapped patients to be with my son and came in on her days off to distract my fears during complicated procedures. Years later she would meet us in the lobby during well checks just to see how he was doing.  She never saw herself as a hero but to me, she was more than just a hero but my angel!

Heroes don't really wear capes, they don't really come flying in on a white horse. They are every day people that go beyond the expected. They overcome and turn that fear into power and hold your hand during the most trying times. "
-Erica Robertson

Our winners are made up of 4 different categories and will all win a day of fun and glamour! 
Inspiration Woman Category, First Responder Category, Domestic Abuse Survivor Category and Leadership Category. 


First Responder Category

Winner is Mayi Henriquez

for not only being a women who fought against the odds to become a female firefighter but is the kind of person who shows us daily what it means to give, including donating her long hair at a hair shaving event dedicated to raise funds for childhood cancers for the St. Baldrick's Organization. 


Domestic Abuse Survivor Category

Winner is Lisa Ann Wallace

sponsored by Mrs. Universe North America

28 year domestic abuse survivor who had to learn how to walk again after being stabbed by her husband in front of her child but now is a successful real estate agent with Greg Garrett Realty right here in Newport News. Her story is one of survival and overcoming the impossible. 


Leadership Category

Winner is Reenie Moss-Fraser
for not only being a supportive military spouse but a leader encouraging others in her therapy business with her life mission of taking care of others and overcoming the challenges of being a gay military spouse. 


Inspirational Category

Winner is Suzanne Williams

When Suzanne isn't at work as a nurse with Mary Immaculate Hospital she is serving her community in so many ways. Not only is she the first to step up and help whether it is for a stranger in need or raising money for a cause but she got our attention when she donated her skills and time to a military family who had no local family support to help not only raise $50,000 for the family but spent countless hours of her own time nursing the child and comforting him during his final hours of life. 



So what does "Queen For A Day" include?

It all starts out with a morning of pampering from the moment they arrive, being greeted with mimosas and chocolate covered strawberries all while having a therapeutic facial treatment prepared by a master esthetician with 30 years in the business. Next, they will learn what clothing fits their body type best and be styled from head to toe by a surprise guest and celebrity. They will have access to all clothing & accessories from Erica Robertson Photography's studio as well as clothing & accessories donated from our community of supporters.  

Next is the true transformation process including hair & makeup by the amazing Brittany Chewning & Candice Ennis. 

Then each recipient will work one-on-one with Celebrity Photographer, Erica Robertson in the studio for a fun and interactive photoshoot including crazy props and custom backdrops. Erica is known for turning every day individuals into models and having a special gift of making the most shy individual come alive in front of the camera. Each recipient will leave the shoot with over $500 in photography for free including this once in a lifetime shoot and a canvas of their favorite print! 

Finally we end the day with a public reveal of their new look! They can invite their friends and family to come have dinner and dance the night away!

Winners will receive the following:
Hair & Makeup by Brittany Chewning & Candice Ennis! 
Glamour Photoshoot with internationally published photographer, Erica Robertson 

  • A special Thank You for all those who have already been willing to donate items including items to the gift baskets that are given to each recipient. If you have something you would like to donate, please contact us by filling out the below form. 

    • Customized Princess Glitter Tumbler by Marcia Wakelyn
    • Rhinestone earrings & gift bags by Tasha Etter from North America Beauty Pageants
    • Paparazzi Accessories donated by Michelle Hime
    • Therapeutic Pampering Facial Treatment by Heather Kvaternik of Wholistically Beautiful, LLC
    • Donation of the 4 award winning crowns by Mrs. Universe herself, DeAnna Emborski
    • Donation of skin care products for each Queen from Candice Ennis 
    • New Lulu clothing donating by Charlotte Bennett

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