PinUp Magazine Submissions

What does it take to get published in a national or international magazine? Do you have to be a professional model? Heck no! Most of our clients have had no modeling experience before they were published for the first time! There are however some little secrets of how the industry works and things to keep in mind. 


Some basics to get you published! 

  • Publications love a styled shoot so keep all your submissions within the same theme and within the same photoshoot with a variety of shots
  • Must have a photo release for each magazine signed by the photographer before submitting images
  • Many of the magazines have monthly themes, make sure to follow them on social media to keep up to date and make sure your submissions qualify for that month's theme. It could be a month dedicated to Pin-Ups with animals, outer-space, bowling or maybe even classic cars!
  • Every magazine has a minimum amount of shots that are required for submission, make sure to submit the maximum for a better chance of being selected!
  • If you don't have a PinUp name, you need to get one and submit under your PinUp name
  • Images that have not been released by you to social media will have a better chance of being published!
  • Avoid sending duplicate images to multiple publications, they all like original material and frawn upon two publications printing the same pictures
  • Be prepared they will ask you to do a write up about yourself (the more interesting the better) 
  • Make sure to follow up after submission, these magazines are all published by women just like yourself! 

Unlike other photographers in the industry, we encourage all our clients to submit for publication and work hard to make you look your best. All we ask is that when the magazine is released, please send us a copy for our records at: 115 Herman Melville Ave. Newport News, VA. 23606.

No magazine will be given the right to own our images or alter them in any way with the exception of resizing. If copyright infringement happens, we will file suit for damages and remove that magazine from our approved magazine submission list.  

List of Pinup Magazines
Feel free to submit to any of these approved magazines for publishing

Pinup Life Magazine

Click here for specific: Submission Guidelines 

Submissions due by the 1st of every month & they typically always have a theme! Get the latest copy


Pinup Kulture Magazine 

Submit two or more images to along with a short bio (50-400 words) and a photo release form.

Deadline is the 20th of every month but the sooner you turn in, the better chance to being published in the next issue. Get the latest copy!

Rocket Magazine

Submissions Guidelines

Minimum of 4 images to be submitted with monthly themes

Pinups & Hotrods Magazine

Submit 4-10 images
Submission Guidelines


Retro Lovely Magazine

Submission Guidelines

Get the latest copy

Perfectly Pinup Magazine
Submit 2-5 images and email to: with photo release form attached
(This magazine is not very organized and often late on publications... just FYI)
Get the latest copy


Delicious Dolls Magazine

Submission Guidelines
Quarterly Publication for those who love pinup and boudoir! 

Get the latest copy!

Garters & Grills Magazine
Model Release


Lipstick & Lashes Magazine

All models MUST be 18 years old and sign have a signed release from photographer as well as themselves.


Please send 3-7 images, 300 dpi non watermarked for consideration via DROPBOX only.

There is no editing other than sizing. This is the only editing I will do on images if they don't meet size requirements.

ALL photos must be professional looking and meet editor standards--please understand NOT everyone will make it in. I would like a high quality magazine!

DO NOT SEND: Selfies, nudes, or shots with blankets as backgrounds. Any noisy images or distracting back grounds. 
No overexposed or under exposed images.


DO SEND: Model and car images! Traditional cheesecake images on plain backgrounds, vintage boudoir, pin up images and classic cars! Tattoos and body piercings are not an issue and are welcomed. 
Currently no accepting black and white photos.

Preference will be given to photos in the same set. 2-4 images on same set and style!

Release forms are now in the notes section! Please include in your Dropbox link or Google Drive link as well as a short bio! Incomplete submissions will not be considered.

Please send Dropbox link via email to:

Release Forms…/rzyv18…/AADSWd20Qlf9qRlPADQbsL3aa…


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