My shoot is over, now what?


The Proofing Process, what you need to know...

Once your proofs are available, Erica will release a link to you for you to view and select your favorite images and also your editing options. See options below... 

Here is the best steps in walking through the Proofing Process:

Step 1 Proofing Process... Once you have been given the link, just click it to view your proofs. It is best to view your images on an actual computer and not a cell phone or app version so you get all available options. This link is good for 30 days only! Please make sure to select your images before 30 days expires. Please do not post the proof album link online in anyway, we do not allow unfinished images to be shared outside of the proofing process. We want your images to be perfect before sharing with the world! 

Step 2Proofing Process... Before you get excited to view them all, please register on my site. This will allow you to not only create a Lightbox but to edit and save your Lightbox. If you forget this step, let Erica know and she can send your Lightbox to you. 

* A Lightbox will help you narrow down your selections and make the best choice for you and your family. 

Step 3. Once your Lightbox is complete with your favorite selections, please let Erica know that you are complete and which finishing options you would like: Basic Finishing Option (included with the exception of group images unless requested), Landscape Finishing Option and Body Finishing Option (details below of each option)

Now I have selected my images, what is next? 

1. If your session included the rights to digital images and you have selected more finished images than what your package included, you will be emailed an invoice for the extra images. Most sessions do not include digital images. Digital images are $25 each. 

2. You will find we are lightening fast at finishing images, once balance is paid our team will finish your images to perfection. Standard finishing process includes lighting adjustments, coloring image and facial touch ups including whitening teeth, brightening eyes and smoothing skin when needed. You also have the option to add Landscape Touchups for outdoor images and Body Software to your image for an additional $25 per image per option. 

3. Once your images have been finished to perfection and are complete, you will be given a link to download your images. Your link is good for 30 days only!!! Please download before they are erased off the server. 

Most important!!! When downloading to save your images to be kept for a lifetime, save directly to an external hard drive or internal hard drive of a computer and not a cell phone. Cell phones reduce image size and can also distort image. We spend 3 times longer finishing your images than taking them so please do not ever alter them in anyway.

Want to post your finished images to social media?
We love that! Please "tag" us with some love! However, we ask that you never alter our images in any way including filters. We work hard to make them perfect but here if you have any special requests or needs. 


Finished images include Portrait Software

Almost all images whether in the studio or out on location go through Portrait Facial Software so you look your best. This includes brightening eyes, whitening teeth and smoothing facial lines. We keep as natural as possible and will create your images just the way you like. 

Group images with multiple people of 3 or more typically don't go through this software due to the distance of the subject from the camera and to keep images natural in appearance. 


Option #2 "Landscape Finishing Option"

Additional $25 per image for qualifying images

We can't control natures glory, sometimes we need a little help to turn that awesome picture into a perfect one! This software allows us to change the sky and add depth to the shot when nature isn't in our favor. 

Sample images had the grass color changed, the sky changed and the subjects pulled away from the back of the image creating depth and allowing them to jump off the screen. 


Option #3 "Body Touch Ups" 

Additional $25 per person in image for qualifying images

Hate your arms or wish that waste was a little smaller? Body Touchup software allows you to look your best and can reduce or expand those little imperfections we dislike! 

This software can alter all aspects of the body. Sample image is a drastic altering for an example only and not typical of what we suggest. 

Digital Pricing & Print Pricing

We understand that everyone has different needs in regards to their shoot. Some want that giant framed masterpiece hanging on their wall while others just want a few digitals to remember the fun day. We try our best to keep pricing affordable so everyone has images they are proud to display. If you don't see an item that you are interested in, please let us know and we can customize a solution for you. The ideas are endless, from canvasses, metals, image cubes to holiday cards! Here is a list of some of our most common items but you can always ask for a one on one consultation to explore additional options. 

Digital Images are $25 per image and give you a print release that allows you to print at your favorite place up to an 8x10. If you are unsure what your session package includes, please refer to your emailed invoice. All photography packages are different. 

We have print pricing available on our site, please visit for pricing on Canvas Groupings, Metal Prints and Framed Prints

Canvas Prints start at just $60 for an 11x14 and are our most popular item, our print house creates high quality imaging and keeps colors popping! You can even have your canvas framed for a small additional cost and shipped directly to your door. We post our most common prices on our site: view here: Canvas Pricing

Metal Prints are the newest fad in the photography world and great for a modern look but is still an affordable solution. They are a high gloss finish and come to you ready to be hung. To view all the pricing in regards to metals, go to: Metal Pricing

Just need some high quality prints delivered to your door? We have a minimum of $50 per print order. You can select from multiple different finishing including satin, smooth and gloss. 

8x10's start at $10 each, 5x7's start at $5 each, 4x6's start at $4 each, 11x14's start at $25 each and 16x20 start at $65

Schedule a one-on-one Viewing Appointment to review all your available options at: 
757-660-6567 or email 

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