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I grew up with the love of animals. My dad was k-9 officer at the police department and has taught me how to care for pets through love and attention. My mom is Port Warwick's photographer with her studio downstairs in our 3 story live-above in Port Warwick, she even photographs our furry friends!

What better job for a 16 year old than to do what I love most! You can trust I will take care of your furry friends, just like me own. I have a mastiff named Asha who is a 5 year old passive Boerboel and a Miniature Schnauzer puppy named Cosmo who has been raised with new friends and loves the extra playmates being around. Almost always we have someone at home to give extra attention to our visiting friends. If you ever wanted to have a pet sitter that loves your furry family member like his own, then I am the one for you!
Bryce Wages * * 757-207-2715

Cosmo Small Port Warwick

Dog Walking
$15 per session

Whether you just need an extra hand walking fido while you are stuck in traffic or have a busy evening planned...we are here to help. We will take fido out and give him a short walk around the neighborhood and make sure he has all the things he needs like water, food and a little bit of fun! 

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Pet Sitting in your home
We come to you for just 
$20 per session or $45 day for 3 scheduled one hour visits each day.

We understand that sometimes our pets are just more comfortable in their own beds just like humans, for those furry friends we will take care of your Port Warwick pets for a scheduled number of one hour sessions a day. 

Session includes dog walks, feeding and some extra cuddles! 

Have multiple animals? No problem, we just charge an extra $5 per visit or $10 per day. 

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VIP Dog Boarding
$65 day per animal

Four or more days receives a 10% discount / 7 or more days in a row receives a 15% discount. 

When you are out of town, give your pup the VIP treatment and make her feel like a queen or king! Stay in a real home with 24 hour attention full of belly rubs, dog walks and constant attention. 

Not all dogs will qualify. VIP Boarding is for house trained dogs who qualify at multiple levels including getting along with our two furry family members, Cosmo & Asha. 

Due to the nature of this business, only residents of Port Warwick qualify at this time. Must have up to date shot records available and name of vet in case an emergency arrives. We will also require a detailed pet schedule with important pet behaviors so we know how to take care of your furry family member like our own! 

Important questions to include in your pet schedule & behavior analysis:

1. Does your pet like going to the neighborhood dog park? 

2. Does he/she eat at specific times of the day or like to graze food? 

3. Does he/she have any accidents in the house? 

4. Is she/he friendly with other dogs or feel more comfortable with distance? 

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