Bowditch Photo Sessions

Welcome Bowditch Staff members to Erica Robertson Photography! 

We are located right in the heart of Newport News in the community of Port Warwick. We are a 3-story live-above a block to the right of Brickhouse Tavern. 

To make it easy for you guys, you can come straight into the studio through the back door to avoid all the stairs and get in & out quickly. My studio is a converted garage on the back side of our building. I have the back mailbox and door marked with the address. 

You can park in the back driveway or back along the trees. 

Studio Address: 115 Herman Melville Ave. Newport News, VA. 23606


Your session time is: Wednesday February 20th anytime between 11am until 1pm. We have been shooting for Bowditch for years and have it down to a fine science so it should only take 10-15 minutes at the longest. 


How to prepare:

1. All staff must wear a Bowditch approved Polo or approved tech shirt. If you do not have one issued to you yet, please see your manager. 

2. No hats, beanies, sunglasses are allowed

3. Please remember to remove everything out of your pockets

4. Please have fun, we do! I promise you shouldn't be nervous.

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