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Transform into the 50's with this once in a lifetime Pin-Up shoot on Saturday March 2nd, 2019 or March 23rd! It all starts with a hair and makeup team to transform you back to the 50's. If you ever wanted to be a fabulous Pin-Up girl, this is the event for you! It is the most versatile shoot we have ever done! Not only will you be transformed by the most talented Pin-Up artists in Hampton Roads but you will get to shoot on all our amazing Pinup props including the banana and moon which have been published in over 40 magazines!

It is all included for one special price of $350!
Deposit of $75 to lock in your date and time! Payment options available! 
Two Day's Only! Saturday, March 2nd, 2019 or Saturday, March 23rd! 

***Bonus!!!! We are going to change out backdrops during the shoot so you receive multiple looks with multiple prop options including the banana, moon and more!  

ONLY 10 total spots available with multiple already sold! 

Location: Port Warwick Studios 

115 Herman Melville Ave. Newport News, VA. 23606

Erica is known for doing crazy styled shoots and this studio Pin-Up shoot is sure to be the one everyone is talking about! Check out some of her previous shoots on this site. Maybe you would prefer to do the Pin-Up & Glamour shoot with your best friend or sister? Check out our previous ones at: 

Here is what the Pin-Up shoot special event includes: 

1. Professional Hair & Makeup to transform you back to the 50's

2. Expressions & Posing training by a Pin-Up professional

3. Access to Pin-Up clothes including hair accessories and props

4. Photoshoot with Erica Robertson Photography, award winning photographer! 

5. $100 Print Bonus to be used towards prints, canvasses, framed pieces or digital images you select!

All you need to possibly bring to the event is: 

1. Bobby socks

2. High heels or shoes that match your chosen outfits

3. Strapless bras, garters and hose 

4. Your personal outfit if not selecting from ours. You may wear three different outfits for this shoot.

  • PinUp Model For A Day Deposit : PinUp Model March 23rd at 10am
    US $75
  • PinUp Model For A Day Deposit : PinUp Model March 23rd at 11am
    US $75
  • PinUp Model For A Day Deposit : PinUp Model March 23rd at noon
    US $75
  • PinUp Model For A Day Deposit : PinUp Model Sat. March 23rd at 2pm
    US $75

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