The Proofing Process...


Once your proofs are available, Erica will release a link to you for you to view and select your favorites.

Here is the best steps in walking through the proofing process:

1. Once you have been given the link, just click it to view your proofs. It is best to view your images on an actual computer and not a cell phone or app version so you get all options. This link is good for 30 days only! Please make sure to select your images before 30 days expires. 
2. Before you get excited to view all of them, first register on my site. This will allow you to create and save a Lightbox.
* A Lightbox will help you narrow down your selections and make the best choice for you and your family. 
3. Once your Lightbox is complete with your favorite options, please let Erica know so she can start the finishing process. All glamour/pin-up/headshots/model/graduation images will be finished to perfection by our Portrait Perfection Software. If you are interested in Body Perfection Touchups or Landscape Touchups, please let Erica know. Not all images qualify. Body Perfection Touch Up and Landscape Touch Up are an additional cost of $35 per image. 

How many High Resolution Digital files will I receive? 
Family sessions Single Generation Family Sessions include 5 digital high res images with options to purchase additional after the shoot. Multi generation session do not include any digital but allow for everyone to purchase prints and digitals directly from our website. 
* Glamour/Pin-Up Package #1 & package #2 includes 8 digital high res images. Package #3 includes 12 images. Specialty Events & promotions will outline the exact number of images in the contract/invoice and do not follow the standard pricing format. 
Graduation Packages #1 includes 8 digital high res images & Package #2 includes 10
* Business / Headshots comes with 5 digital high resolution images for 30 minute session and 8 images with full session for individual sessions. Special corporate shoots will multiple people include one headshot per person unless stated differently in your invoice. 
* Model Photography "Getting Started" comes with 15 digital high res files and "Updating the Portfolio" comes with 8

*Engagement Photo Sessions comes with 10 digital high res files. 

"In Loving Color" campaign allows for individuals to purchase photos after the shoot. All participants will be sent a link download the photographers top 3 images with an option to purchase additional. Free download link will be given after the images have been posted live during the campaign and not beforehand. Proofs will be given within 48 hours of shoot. Remember that all proofs are unfinished images and once you purchase the image, we will finish the image including facial touch-ups and editing floors, ceilings and cropping to perfection. 

Now I have selected my images, what is next? 
1. If you have selected more than what your package included, you will be emailed an invoice for the extra images. 
2. You will find we are lightening fast at finishing images, once balance is paid our team will finish your images to perfection. Standard finishing process includes lighting adjustments, coloring image and facial touch ups including whitening teeth, brightening eyes and smoothing skin when needed. 
3. Once your images are complete, you will be given a link to download your images. Your link is good for 30 days only!!! Please download before they are erased off the server.

Most important!!! When downloading to save your images to be kept for a lifetime, save directly to an external hard drive or internal hard drive of a computer and not a cell phone. Cell phones reduce image size and can also distort images. 

Can I alter my images?
Your photo release gives you permission to print high resolution for any personal use as well as upload to your favorite sites. We do however ask you not to alter the images in anyway by using filters, coloring or even turning them into black & white without permission directly from the photographer. We spend thousands on software to finish your images to perfection so that you leave happy. 

Purchasing additional images:

1-9 extra images is $20 each, 10-15 extra images are $18.50 each, 16 or more are $15 each.

Want to purchase the rights to all your images and download high resolution? Total cost is $500 and is not available to in studio shoots. 

Have questions? Give us a call: 757-660-6567 or email at:

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