Photography Classes

Looking to start a photography business? Learn all the tricks of the trade by Erica Robertson and how she built a successful business in just a few years. 


Coming Into Focus is a one day crash course for beginners who want an overview on what it takes to make a 6 figure income in the photography business. Here are the topics this one day event will cover: 

1. Camera Basics-Start off by learning the basic's of your camera including Aperture (F-stop), ISO and Shutter Speed 

2. Outdoor Photo session-Putting those basics into action with an outdoor photography mini-session (session may include a model and some antique cars or some moving targets like animals at a dog park) 

3. Studio Photo session-In studio mini-session that covers basics in lighting using Flash Photography using Alien Bees Pro setup with in-studio best practices in camera settings, posing, props and studio setups

4. Post Production- The importance of learning Lightroom with a hands on approach of training loading your own images from today's mini-sessions. Also includes an overview on organizing client files and making the most of hard drive space using cloud and external hard drive best practices. Do you need photoshop? What are my favorite software solutions? It's a secret but the secret will be out for all those who attend my class!

5. Business Management-What do you need to start a business correctly including business license fees, insurance, accounting software, retaining deposits and creating firm prices. 

6. Marketing Best Practices-Now that you have the basics in operating your business, how do I market it and get new clients? Erica is a marketing expert with over 25 years in the marketing world. Before turning her photography business into a full time career she was the owner of Marketing Monster and has taught marketing all over the country. She will teach you how to expand your circle of influence, why social media is important and making an organized effort to stay on top of marketing trends. Being a photography owner means you no longer have a boss, you must be self-disciplined to be successful. For many they go into the business as an added income source but for those who want to make it a full time career, there are many best practices that you need to make a daily habit. 

The greatest part of photography is self discovery, over time you will learn what you really like to shoot. You may not know what your niche is yet but she will help you look out for it and make money in the arena of photography you like best whether it is landscape, fashion or portraits. Erica has many different niche's; everything from Fashion Photography for Harley-Davdison, Portrait Photography to Pin-Up & Glamour Photography specializing in female makeovers. 

What you need to bring: 

1. Your DSLR camera and niche if you have already (you can rent a camera from us, if you have not invested yet in one)

2. Note taking materials

3. Money for lunch

4. Laptop if you want to follow along 

This class is an 8 hour crash course with an abundance of information on a broad spectrum of topics. You will need extra help as you get best practices under way and find tune what kind of photography you want to do. For this reason, attendees will also be given a Free one hour One-On-One session within 3 weeks of initial event for follow up. 

Classes begin at 9am-5pm and are built with a one hour lunch work session. 

We keep these classes very small, so you receive one-on-one advice allowing only 5 people max per session so sign up today before they are sold out! Next class is September 18th & October 3rd. Classes are held at the studio at: 115 Herman Melville Avenue, Newport News, VA. 23606 in Port Warwick area. To sign up for one of the next classes or ask for a special date, contact the studio directly at: or 757-660-6567. 

Looking for a more advanced training? No problem, contact Erica for a special one-on-one session. 

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