"In Loving Color" Campaign


If you are interested in being a participant in the "In Loving Color" campaign to stomp out racism, you must start by filling out the online form with your best friend of a different race and select an available date. You must agree to the use of your images to be used in the diversity campaign. 

Erica Robertson will be waiving her $250 session fee because of her personal belief in this campaign! During our first week of shooting, we ran a 50% cancellation rate, so to avoid this we will request a donation of any size. We will consider it a one-time donation for your belief in this program! 

To be an applicant:

First: You must fill out the online registration with your best friend and select a date at: In Loving Color online registration 
Second: You must email a picture of you and your best friend from a different race to: ericarobertsonphotography@gmail.com
Third: You will be contacted within 24 hours of submitting photos whether you were selected or not. 

All ages above 5 years old are welcome to join the campaign and submit for acceptance. We are looking for males as well as females! 

Your team will receive 3 free high resolution digital images just for being a participant! They will be released to you by download from our website after they have all been used in the campaign cycle. You are free to print and share them on social media! We just ask that you do not alter them in anyway including cropping, coloring or adding filters. The three images will be selected by the photographer.

The best images from your session will be made available within 24 hours of the shoot in the form of proofs. If you choose to purchase additional images or prints, all proceeds will be given back to support the campaign! 

Photoshoot time, what to expect! 
You were selected, now what? Each participant will get free access to the studios Pin-Up clothing, hair accessories and props. If you would like to do a more casual shoot or glamour style shoot, bring your own and we will have fun! We have no rules except that we ask you to try and compliment each other with clothing and colors. Opposites can also be extremely powerful. Can you imagine an image of a girl covered in tattoos with jeans and a t-shirt having great conversation with a girl that is Muslin wearing Sarees? It would create conversation, good conversation and help bridge the gab of tolerance and understanding.

What you need to bring:

1. Your clothing changes (up to 3) and shoes for each outfit. (remember you have access to all my Pin-Up clothing and accessories)
2. Bring your own makeup for touch ups (Make up artist can be available for $75 per person if interested, must be scheduled ahead of time). For those paying for the makeup and hair artist, please make sure to be at the studio an hour in advance of you photo session time. Men/Boys must bring chapstick! 
3. Don't forget your strapless bra!
4. Feel free to bring special hats, sunglasses, scarves and any props you have special in mind
Please prepare for a minimum of 2 hours for your shoot. Arrive on time and be ready to shoot at your appointment time to keep to schedule. Hair & Makeup artist can be made available if you are interested, cost to artist directly is $75. 

The Proofing Process, what you need to know:
1. The link to your unedited proofs will be emailed to you within 48 hours of the shoot, once you have been given the link by email, just click it to view your proofs. It is best to view your images on an actual computer and not a cell phone or app version so you get all available options. This link is good for 30 days only! Please make sure to select your images before 30 days expires.
2. Before you get excited to view all of them, first register on my site. This will allow you to create and save a Lightbox.
* A Lightbox will help you narrow down your selections and make the best choice for you and your family.
3. Once your Lightbox is complete with your favorite options, please let Erica know so she can start the finishing process. All images will be touched up for background editing and touch ups to make your finished images picture perfect! 

Please do not share the link given to you or take screen shots of the images in the proofing process. This link is for your selections only and not to be pulled from the software or posted online!!!!!

Erica Robertson Photography is donating her time to this campaign in hopes, that we all can live a better tomorrow through understanding and respect. The images used in the campaign will be shared on multiple social media platforms including our Facebook page: Facebook.com/InLovingColorUSA with more to come! There are even talks of selling the campaign messages in poster form to companies to spread the message! The sales and money raised will go to support the campaign in hopes of it becoming a full fledge foundation including mentoring for inner-city schools. 

If you would like to purchase additional images from your proofs, Erica will donate all the proceeds back into the campaign! Together We Can Make A Difference! 

Cost of Purchasing additional images:

You can also purchase high resolution prints and canvasses from us! 

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