After 22 years in the marketing business I found my true love and passion, being behind the camera! Nothing is more fun than capturing those special moments through s
till photography, social media and video. I started off years ago doing event photography and management from everything from 5K runs, country concerts to Presidential campaigns. My commercial clients vary from Sentara Health Care, The Beach Boys to Harley-Davidson. I love the energy of the crowds and getting them to rally together for that perfect photo! To be a great event photographer the true art is working the crowd, it is all about people and gaining their trust very quickly so you can capture the true spirit of the event. 

Another favorite I like to focus on is Glamour Photography, it has always been a big part of my life. I grew up as a child model and got the opportunity to work with some of the best photographers in the world. I know what I liked and disliked about all of them and have curved my skills to their flaws to make women feel comfortable in front of the camera. I love hearing a woman tell me she takes horrible photos and that she will be a "true" challenge for me. I need to start recording that because it only takes a few minutes in the studio and they start to come alive! Every woman should have pictures they love of themselves. I think this is one of my special gifts! 

As you go through my Glamour Fun gallery, just remember none of the girls have ever had any modeling experience. They may look like professionals but all of them spent less than 2 hours in the studio. If you want to have a really fun experience in the studio, join our next Women & Wine "Let's Pay Dress Up" Photoshoot Party

After many requests to photograph families and kids I finally gave in and have been having a blast with it! Thanks to many great friends I have access to photograph at some incredible private locations like horse farms, abandoned railroad tracks and exceptional waterfront properties. 

Of course all photographers love the idea of capturing the fun spirit of people but it isn't always the fun that we are hired to capture. One of my specialties is capturing very sensitive situations like the last moments of person's life or even filming a funeral. Sadly, these are parts of life we just can't avoid, handling them with class and integrity is something I pride myself on. Through these situations, I have truly realized the value of great images and capturing those one time, special moments. 

If you have a special need, please feel free to contact me. No idea is too crazy!



Erica Robertson




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